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ICES Public VMEs - 2018

The publically available portion of the ICES Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VMEs), (and organisms considered to be indicators of VMEs) across the North Atlantic has been set up by the Joint ICES/NAFO Working Group on Deep-water Ecology (WGDEC). Criteria used to select habitats and indicators for inclusion in the database were those described in the FAO International Guidelines for the Management of Deep-sea Fisheries in the High Seas (FAO, 2009)

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Attribute Name Description
Sample None
RecodKey None
VME_Indicator None
HabitatType None
status None
VME_Habitat_Subtype None
VMEKey None
HighestTaxonomicResolution None
Species None
AphiaID None
SurveyKey None
Ship None
SurveyMethod None
VesselType None
PlaceName None
StartLatitude None
EndLatitude None
StartLongitude None
EndLongitude None
GeometryType None
MiddleLatitude None
MiddleLongitude None
RecordPositionAccuracy None
Dead_Alive None
Density None
Number None
Weight_kg None
Percentage_Cover None
TaxonDeterminer None
TaxonDeterminationDate None
ObsDate None
ObsDateType None
StationID None
ShipPositionPrecision None
Reference None
FileName None
PointOfContact None
ResponsibleOrganizationRole None
ContactEmail None
DataAccess None
DepthUpper None
DepthLower None
Comments1 None
Comments2 None
CSquare None
tblCodeID_HabitatType None
tblCodeID_VME_Indicator None
intyear None
tblUploadID None
tblStationID None
tblSampleID None
GeoLocation None

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